Kaunas Airport passenger terminal

The main task was to make it modern and contemporary.

We carried out technical supervision of construction, thus now Kaunas Airport’s passenger terminal can cater for up to 1 million passengers per year. The new terminal meets the requirements of the Schengen statutes, its total area of 7378 m2 and the building’s height is about 17 m. The terminal is equipped with comfortable drive, parking lots for 1,000 places, advanced passenger and baggage handling technologies, a modern border control and aviation security screening equipment. The terminal has all necessary infrastructure-information services; there is a bank, ticket offices, cafes, bars, duty – free shops, flowers sale point. The building is equipped with a modern building management system (BMS) – a computerized central building management system which can be used to control, monitor, optimize the building (in this case its heating and cooling part) and to prepare reports.