INPP Landfill Facility for Very Low Level Radioactive Waste

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Landfill Facility for Very Low Level Radioactive Waste in  Elektrinės str. 4, Drūkšiniai vil., Visaginas mun.

Short description: Project B19-2 – ,,Landfill“ type repository for placing 60000 m3 of very low level radioactive waste. The Landfill repository consists of three Disposal Modules of 20000 m3 each. Construction of the Modules has been started in 2017. Selection of Site, Feasibility evaluation, approval procedures, preparation of Design and Safety assessment Report have been carried out for Construction of the Landfill repository. The Landfill is being constructed near other decommissioning complexes of new INPP facilities for radioactive waste, such as Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility (ISFSF – Project B1) and Solid Waste Management and Storage Facility (SWMSF – Project B3/4).

Services provided: consultancy during construction tender procedures, FIDIC engineering services, construction supervision

Client: Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

Period: 2016.03 – 2020.11


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