About us

TAEM GROUP is a group of independent and innovative engineering solutions companies, which consists of TAEM ARCHITEKTAI, TAEM PROJEKTŲ VALDYMAS and TAEM URBANISTAI. These companies are not related  by the relations of subordination, cooperation or other economic ties with any contractors, suppliers of materials, products and equipment; they do not perform contractor’s works, do not sell materials, products or equipment. The group’s companies provide planning, engineering consultancy, design, construction supervision and management services to private and public organizations implementing large-scale important, technically sophisticated and complex projects.

TAEM GROUP history began on March 5, 2003, when a private limited company STATYBOS STRATEGIJA was registered. In the second decade the Company’s management, seeking  business process efficiency and faster orientation in a rapidly changing engineering services market, decided to reorganize the planning, design, construction supervision and management activities into a group of related companies. Among other ambitious professional goals, the Group established a goal to create a strong Lithuanian engineering services brand.


The vision of TAEM GROUP is to become a group of companies of sustainable urban development, architectural and engineering services, which forms the most advanced traditions and is the most desirable partner of high- volume, important, technically sophisticated, complex projects as well as an attractive workplace for talented professionals.


The mission of TAEM GROUP is to create the maximum value for customers using its own knowledge and innovation.

TAEM GROUP’S values:

• Honesty;

• Impartiality;

• Innovation;

• Professionalism;

• Quality;

• Rationality;

• Continuous improvement;

• Responsibility.